The White Albatross (Pty Ltd) Holiday Centre is at the end of Wellington Drive on the northern side of the ‘V’ Wall.

In 1895, the break wall was commenced in an effort to control the Nambucca River at its entrance (The Bar) after a number of shipping disasters.

The Break Wall was completed in 1907 and went across the original river’s flow in an arc from Wellington Rock area to the Sugar Wharf, creating the existing Lagoon and an Inner Harbour.

The original land at the end of Wellington Drive, situated at the bottom of the Mountain Headland now known as Wellington Reserve/Park contained a quarried deep water hole called the Siberia Quarry Hole and the land extended north/east to the lagoon, now known as Wellington Park.

The general populace at the time consisted of a number of Italian fisherman’s huts, a large house which was the Harbour Pilot’s residence, a rocket shed located between the house and deep water hole’s edge, a number of outbuildings, and on the river’s edge, a sugar wharf, where unloading of the sugar from ships was distributed to the local community.

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